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The Trinity Attenuating Crash Cushions™ Family (TRACC™ Family) feature a complete line of re-directive, non-gating crash cushions that are available in a variety of lengths for a variety of highway speeds. The 14’ - 3” (4.3 m) SHORTRACC™, the 21’ - 3” (6.5 m) TRACC™, the 26’ (7.9 m) FASTRACC™, and the variable width/length WIDETRACC™ come fully assembled for fast and cost-effective installation.

Trinity Highway Products manufactures the TRACC™ Family with galvanized, all-steel construction that reduce concern of product deterioration from the sun’s ultra-violet rays and extends service life with minimal maintenance by end users. Interchangeable components facilitate swift and inexpensive repairs for state and federal departments of transportation.

The TRACC™ Family of crash cushions includes TRACC™, a narrow Test Level 3 cushion; SHORTRACC™, a narrow Test Level 2 cushion; FASTRACC™, a narrow Test Level 3 crash cushion with additional capacity for head-on impacts up to 70 mph (113 kph). The WIDETRACC™ is available in varying lengths, widths, and test levels (per design speed). It can be configured for any appropriate wide application.


  • Galvanized all-steel construction for longer life and durability.
  • No cartridges or black boxes.
  • Only visual maintenance required unless impacted.
  • A variety of backup width options with WIDETRACC™.
  • "Wing Extensions".
  • Multiple speed options.
  • Fewer anchor bolts than other products.
  • NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2 and Test Level 3 compliant.
Back-Up Structure Attachments:
  • Concrete barrier(s)
  • Bridge parapet(s)
  • Bridge pier(s)
  • Square block(s)
  • W-Beam
  • Thrie-Beam
Installation and Repair Advantages:
  • Can be installed on new or existing concrete or asphalt pad.
  • Open design facilitates easy installation, inspection, and repair.
  • Units ship fully assembled. (Can be shipped unassembled upon request.)
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