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King-Size King Block

The King Block™ is used for W-Beam installations, and the King-Size King Block™ is used for Thrie-Beam installations.

King Block photo

King Block


  • Self-hanging fingers.
  • Self-aligning side rails.
  • Light weight – only 8 lbs.(3.6 kg) for W-beam, 12 lbs.(5.5 kg) for Thrie-beam.
  • Bottom tab supports rail during installation.
  • Block is considered a "green" product, environmentally safe and recyclable.
  • Molded product reduces inconsistencies sometimes seen in wood blockouts.
  • NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3 compliant.

Installation and Repair Advantages:

  • Self-hanging fingers minimize the need for assistance by end-users during installation.
  • Self-aligning side rails help hold block in place and minimize spinning.
  • Narrower width allows easier access to bolts at splices.

Once installed, these blocks maintain original size, vastly reducing the need for tightening guardrail bolts due to shrinkage often found with wood blocks.

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